DocumentPage CountBase PriceAdditional Pages (per page cost)Mortgage Verification FeeService FeeIf Extra Lot Fee
Deed- Residential
(1,2,3 Family or Condo)
(Includes Cover Page)
Deed-Commercial, Vacant Land, or 4-6 Family4
(Includes Cover Page)
Mortgage (Standard)23$360.00$5.00$200.00$25.00$200.00
Mortgage (Condo)25$380.00$5.00$200.00$25.00$200.00
CEMA/ Modification36$425.00$5.00$200.00$25.00 + $255 Affidavit$200.00
255/253 AffidavitFlat Fee$5.00red alert
Assignment of Mortgage4
(Includes Cover Page)
Subordination Agreement 4$255.00$5.00$200.00$25.00$200.00
Spreader Agreement 3$360.00$5.00$200.00$25.00$200.00
Satification of
Condo Unit Power of Attorney 2$255.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
UCC 1 or 3 (County)Flat Fee$40.00$25.00
UCC 1 or 3 (State)Flat Fee$40.00$25.00
Assignment of Leases and Rents15$320.00$5.00$25.00 + $255 Affidavit$200.00
Termination Assignment of Leases and Rents2$255.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Building Loan Agreement/ Termination of Building Agreement/ Construction Loan Agreement1$25.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Notice of Lending Agreement Flat Fee$15.00$25.00$200.00
Terminiation of Notice LendingFlat Fee$15.00$25.00$200.00
Boundary Line Agreement (*Gets Recorded Against Both Lots*)10$395.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Nuisance Agreement 2$255.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
SNDA Agreement10$295.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Release of Lien 3$261.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Release of FTL LienFlat Fee$40.00$25.00$200.00
Release of Judgmentred alert$25.00$200.00
Release of
Mechanic Lein
Release/Partial Release of Mortgage $255.00$5.00red alert$25.00$200.00
Release of Nuisance Agreement 3$255.00$5.00$25.00$200.00
Release of Condo Lein$200.00
Not Required to Record a Power of Attorney in Suffolk, But if They Want it to be Recorded9$290.00$200.00$25$200.00