The biggest investment most people make in their lives is the purchase of their new home.

They spend months working with a realtor, their lender and finally their attorney. Or perhaps they are refinancing their existing home. Everyone is focused on one thing- the closing. And so are we. Our residential title insurance department is trusted by attorney’s, banks and realtors alike for preparing accurate and comprehensive titles report every time. We offer full ten and forty year searches, owner and loan policies, coop and special searches combined with many informational searches that are prepared with the utmost dedication to detail. Freedom Land puts it’s team behind every search. Our legal experts help mitigate risk and clear even the most complicated problems. We work closely with our vendors and municipalities as the importance of these searches is paramount.

For every commercial transaction we insure, we stand by our clients every step of the way… brick by brick.

Freedom Land Title has insured or co-insured hundreds of commercial transactions with unparalleled expertise. Our portfolio of insurance covers all commercial property types, including but not limited to shopping centers, industrial warehouses, retail condominiums, multi parcel / multi state projects, office buildings, construction and mezzanine financing and waterfront development. With every transaction we close comes yet another opportunity to demonstrate to our clients and underwriters our ability to navigate complex legal matters with optimal results.

Ultimately the closing table is where our efforts pay off by guaranteeing there are no surprises. We coordinate with all parties effectively to deliver a smooth closing and once again, gain the trust and confidence of our clients. And equally as important… their clients.

Areas We Serve

Freedom Land Title provides title insurance nationally and holds licenses in the following states:

New York

New Jersey





Services We Offer

Ten and Forty Year Abstracts of Title Legal Description Preparation
Tax and Tax Lien Services Locating Surveys, Inspections, and Updates
Coordination of New Surveys Name Searches (Judgments and Liens)
Mechanics' Liens Searches UCC Financing Statement Searches
Bankruptcy Searches Patriot Searches
Surrogate Searches Single and Separate Searches
Air Right Searchs

Certificates of Good Standing Franchise Tax Search
Certificates of Incorporation Partnership Certificates
LLC and LLP Filings Agent for Process Search

Housing and Building Violations Searches Certificate of Occupancy Searches
Fire Department Street / Highway Searches
New York City Municipal Searches (Emergency Repair, Fuel Oil Permit, Air Resources Search, Health Violation Search, etc.) Flood Hazard Certification
Landmark Search

Fee (Owner) Policies Loan (Mortgage) Policies
Modification, Extension, and Assignment Policies Leasehold Policies
Building Loan Policies (with five free run-downs) Subordinate Mortgage Policies (Limited Liability)
TIRSA Foreclosure Guarantees TIRSA Owners Extended Protection Policy (residential only)
ALTA-Approved Endorsements - Including High Risk Endorsements Cooperative Leasehold Insurance Policies (Fee and Mortgage)
Contract Vendee Policies Bulk Rate & Reissue Policies

Real Estate Taxes, Water and Sewer Pay-off Services Mortgage Pay-off Services
Judgement Pay-off Services Public Record Correction Assistance
Prompt, Reliable Recording/Filing Policy Endorsement with Recording Information
Escrow Services for Assignment Loans

Full Period Search without Insurance Attorney Search (Last Owner and Open Lien Search)
Last Owner (last deed of record) Search Open Mortgage Search
County Name Searches (judgments, federal tax liens and UCC Financing Statements) Individual or Corporate Corporate Status Searches - Secretary of State Level
Real Estate Tax Searches with Assessment Information Certified Copies of Recorded Documents
Copies of Filed Maps Covenants, Restrictions, and Easement Searches
Pending Litigation Searches Variance Searches